I have been running my Locust now for several years. Over the years I have made various changes and modifications to the car. I will try to include all the changes and reasons if I can remember them.

The first modification I made was to fit supplementary spring catches on the front of the bonnet. This was because one day when I went over a railway level crossing the 2 front over center catches came loose, this enabled the bonnet to lift and part company with the car. Luckily for me I was on a quiet country road and it landed on the grass verge. It only had a couple of dents.

It seems that various types of Seven including the Locust suffer from overheating and my car was no different. I therefore refitted the belt driven fan and for total over kill I fitted a manual over ride switch to the thermostatic cooling fan.

I also found that it was very easy to get air locks in the system as the header tank could not be mounted high enough. My tank is as high as possible on the bulk head, even though I always remove the header tank and put it on a step ladder at the side of the car when refilling the coolant if I have had to drain the system for any reason.
I have recently fitted a 1300GT engine and 1600 sport gearbox. This will be run until I decide what to do about using LRP or unleaded petrol. Once I have decided my original engine will be reconditioned and fitted with a big valve head and hotter cam.