My Mini City E

Rebuild Part 1

Both wings and front panel were corroded at the joins and both A panels were in need of replacement so they were all cut off leaving just the inner wings. The inner wings also needed repairing at the frong lower corners and the top rear corners.

Nearside front footwell corrosion repair patch needed at air intake. Rear panel needed at edge where door hinge mounts. reapir panel needed for scuttle corners.

Off side needed similar repairs shown here finished.

The nearside sill needed replacing the offside one had been done recently the inner sills were OK. A short sill was used.

Both footwells had corroded.

The doors needed skinning and repairing along the bottom. Initially the nearside door looked reasonable but on closer inspection it had about half an inch in depth of filler near the top hinge it had had quite a bad knock.

Removing door skin with grinder.

Doorskin removed showing corrosion

Door needing repairs to bottom and new skin

Strip of steel ready to be bent into a repair piece

Door showing filler on removing the skin this door was found to be quite a new replacement panel it still had the rover parts sticker on.