My Mini Mayfair

The Mini was bought as a restoration project to complete at night class that I had signed up for. A Mini was chosen so that when completed it would be suitable for my son Gavin to drive.

Following the purchase of another Mini as an engine donor I decided that I would keep this car. I would rebuild the engine donor car for Gavin. His car would be rebuilt using Sportspack arches and larger wheels as he wanted and I could restore my Mini how I wished.

As bought  
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My Mini would be rebuilt with a steel flip front and removalble bonnet using quick release bonnet hinges. The colour scheme is a very dark blue (Austin Rover Midnight Blue) with a white (OEW) roof. I will be sticking with 10" wheels as I prefer this for both style and handling reasons. The car had drum brakes all round so as it will have an uprated engine it will be fitted with Cooper S discs and calipers. To improve the handling the car will be fitted with HiLos and uprated suspension with poly bushes all round. I was originally going to build a 1050cc engine using a 12G295 head I had but what the heck, I have decided to go for a big bore 1400 as Gavin would no longer need to share the car as he has a 1275 late Cooper engined car to himself.