My Mini City E

Rebuild Part 4

I had a bit of trouble with the MOT it was way over on the Hydrocarbons. After checking all the fuel and ignition components I came to the conclusion that there was an air leak from the servo and the fuel mixture had been enriched to overcome the leak. I removed the servo and found that the main diaphragm plastic center was broken.


I fitted a replacement and the fuel was much too rich the mixture was adjusted and everything was OK for the retest.

I also had to fit a fog lamp as I had removed the rusted one and unbeknown to me one was needed for this age of car. I fitted a new one using the factory wiring that was already in place. This lead to a discussion and reference to the MOT manual as the tester said that the light should go off when the ignition was off. He eventually agreed that it was OK as it was.

I stripped the car back down to the minimal and took it for a respray. Gavin chose the colours, Austin Rover Jet Black with a White Diamond roof.

The lights, locks, windows and aches were removed before taking the car for spraying, and the doors,bonnet and boot were removed at the spray shop.

On return the arches and panels were refitted.

Waxoyl was used under the trim strips to try to prevent the start of rust.

The door and quarterlight glass was then refitted.

As a new front screen was needed I had the front and rear screens fitted professionally.

Bumpers and fog light fitted.

Just a new bonnet trim and some sill trims are required to finish the exterior.