My Mini City E

Rebuild Part 3

Doors, bumpers and some glass fitted. Note second hand opening rear windows used.

All lights and glass fitted with the exception of the rear window.

Rear window was not fitted as it would only have to be removed again for spraying.

Wheels refurbished and new tyres fitted.

I needed four new tyres so I took the opertunity to have the tyres removed from the wheels so I could clean them up. The white alloy corrosion that was lifting the lacquer was removed from the wheels with a fine wire cup brush in an angle grinder. The surface was then rubed down with fine prearation paper. The wheels were them primed, painted with silver wheel spray and then given a coat of clear lacquer. I baked the wheeld in the oven between coats to harden the paint.

A new bonnet was fitted as the old one had rusted in a couple of places and although had repaired it I I thought at £35 a new one would be better.

Minimal fittings replaced as they will only have to be removed again for spraying.

Ready for the MOT.