Locust Chassis Ford Donor



Cortina MK 3 top wishbone bottom arm, upright backplate, and hub assembly and brakes complete inc. shocks and shortened springs (1300 or Escort front).Alternatively purpose made double wishbone and coil over shocks set-up can be used.

Not used

Shorten and swap 'side for side' as for compression struts (See-12) use original Cortina rubber mounts

REAR SUSPENSION Escort axle (MK1 or 2). Clamps (supplied with Chassis) welded to casing. Appropriate coil over shocks (AVO/Spax) used. Our trailing arms and panhard rod used. Panhard rod uses track rod end to mount at X. Cortina solid void bushes used in rear suspension (total 9).

1. Rack mount - Escort MK 2 8. Rear body mounting point/seat belt anchorages
2. Spring pan for 1300 Cortina (2 loops removed) or Escort front coil (shorten) as required) use Cortina top wishbone (MK 3 ,4 or 5 8. Rear spring top mount.
3. Cortina 3, 4 or 5 bottom arm 9. Panhard rod mount on chassis
4. Engine mounts (1300/1600 Crossflow) 10. Brackets for trailing arms
5. Seat belt mounts 11. Axle clamp (offside showing panhard rod mount-to-axle at x)
6. Gearbox mounting rail 12. Mounting bracket for compression struts

Rough Chassis Dimensions - These should only be used for checking your body tub prior to purchasing a chassis from the manufacturers.