Locust Pedal Box

Trial installation of a T & J Pedal Box prior to fitting pedals.

Various pedal assemblies can be used including the Triumph Spitfire. The mounting positions should be fount by performing a trial fit. A purpose built pedal box can be used to mount Ford Escort pedals. This is the easiest method. The pedal box as manufactured by T&J takes standard pedals mounted on the Escort pedal hinge pin. The pedals are spaced to suit using appropriate washers and spacing tubes. The Escort throttle pedal will require a slight modification to mount in the pedal box. The pedal box also includes mountings for brake master cylinder (non servo Ford) and clutch cable (Ford Cortina). It is often a tight fit for the pedals and if this is so you can gain extra space by replacing the Driver's Gearbox Side Panel with a thinner material.

Pedal Box

1. Clutch cable receptacle.
2. Mounting for brake master cylinder.
3. Hole for pedal hinge pin.
4. Mounting for throttle pedal.
5. Hole for throttle cable.
6. Throttle cable retainer.