Restoration Part 10


The car was removed from the trolleys I had made in order to roll it on to one side to start on the repair of the sills. The sills had already had some work done in the past they had been over plated with 4 large square sections of steel. this had to be removed in order to see what was lurking underneath. This was all made easier with the car on its side.

The repair sections were cut off with the angle grinder this took practically all my time that night.

On Saturday I continued with cutting out the rotten metal from both the inner and outer sills. The inner sill top edge was sound until about an inch below the bend in the metal. The new outer sill was the extra wide type so the metal was cut back to where the inner sill joined the floor. There was an area of footwell that would require a repair section. I would make that later.

Kevin and I decided that it would be best to let in a section of inner sill and therefore the new sill was cut down on the top edge to make a repair section. The inner sill was also cut in half as it did not need to be fitted over the box member. I managed to get the rear inner sill repair section welded in place.