Mini Mayfair Winter 2010-11

I decided that this year I would use my Mini as much as possible as it often sat in the garage as it was easier to use my RS 2000 as that was parked on the drive. As Gavin now owned the RS I would have to get either of my cars out of the garage for the short run to work and the Mini is the sensible option.

As the winter weather took a turn for the worse in late November early December when bad snow was forecast i decided that I needed to change the tyres as the Yokohama A032R tyres it wore would not be very good in the snow. I had some Weller steel wheels fitted with tyres that would be more suitable so these were given a quick lick of silver paint and put on.

The day after after I put the wheels on I woke up to a full covering of snow. These are the photos I took on my phone that morning.

Early morning at home in the dark

Work Car Park