Restoration Part 25


The wiring loom had been carefully removed from the car when it was stripped down to a bare shell.

The loom was not in a bad condition. It had quite a few extra wires spliced in using scotch connectors and these were all carefully removed and the original wires were repaired were necessary using solder and the covered with heat shrink tubing. The Loom was then cleaned up using soapy water and it was then left to dry.

The PVC wires were cleaned up using a spray carburettor cleaner an then wiping the grease from the wires with a clean rag. All the bullet and spade connectors were checked and clean with fine sandpaper New connecters were soldered on where necessary. The PVC wrapping was tidied up where necessary using plastic insulation tape.

The loom was then fitted to the car and the connections identified. I decided to fit an additional fuse box to replace the in line fuses that had Austin Rover had fitted over the years.

The loom was cut at the fron ready for a multi plug to be fitted for the font lights. This would allow the front end to be removed.