Restoration Part 17


I spent Thursday night stripping all the old bitumen based underseal from the rear of the car and cleaning up any surface rust found underneath with a wire brush fitted to my angle grinder. This was a filthy job but it was worth it. All the seams were then sealed with rubberised seam sealer. The rear of the car was then painted again with grey primer.

On Saturday I removed the steering rack from the car and started to remove all the bitumen based underseal from the front of the car.

The majority of underseal was scrapped off using a blow torch to melt it. The remainder was brushed off with the wire brush in an angle grinder. Any surface rust was removed at the same time.

All the welded seams were resealed with the rubberised seam sealer and then the cleaned areas were painted with primer.

The whole of the underside and the bulkhead were then sprayed with stone chip compound. This will then be painted over with the final body colour using a brushable enamel.