Restoration Part 24


The next stage was to manufacture and install the brake pipes. The Mini uses a split circuit that is split front to back. There are 9 pipes in all to manufacture. These were made from 3/16th inch copper based brake pipe using male and female pipe nuts as necessary.

The majority of the pipes used single flare joins with male pipe nuts the exception is at the rear where the pipes join with the flexible pipes where female pipe nuts are used. Aeroquip braded PFTE flexible pipes were used throughout as they are more robust and last a lot longer.

An added benefit is a very firm pedal as all the rubber is eliminated from the brake circuit. The pipes were held in place using clips where necessary and the inbuilt channel in the floor With the brake pipes in place the rear brake shoes where fitted. This involved backing off  the adjusters and then fitting the shoes. The shoes are held in place by 2 springs. The handbrake activating mechanism was fitted at the same time. The brake drums were then fitted and the shoes were roughly adjusted, as they would need centralising later once the brakes had been bled.

Next the front callipers were fitted followed by the pads that were retained by new split pinsThe flexible pipes were then connected to the callipers, new copper washers were used at the joints