Restoration Part 28

Fitting Engine

Putting the engine in the car was a relatively easy excercise as I can remove the whole flip front to gain full uninhibited access to the front of the car.

I used quickfit/release polyeurethane engine mounts.


The original engine steady bar mounting had rusted away so I made up a new one.

The mounting was attached to the bulkhead cross member using the clutch master cylinder mounts in the same manor as the after market 'Ultimate Engine Steady Kits. I also whave one of these to fit later on as it attaches to the thermostat housing.

The cylinder head I am using is from an MG Metro and so it is fitted with the larger 1.4" inlets. I have two of these so one has been examined and rebuilt it will be run with leaded petrol additives until I decide if I should convert to unleaded.