Restoration Part 27

Engine 2

The engine backplate was modified by counter sinking the holes behind the sprockets so a duplex timing chain chain kit could be fitted. the sprockets were then fitted as per the manual aligning the timing dots. When buying the engine I was told that the timing would be spot on as the cam was ground to be timed in using the factory settings. I put a timing disc and DTI on at home and found they were correct. The camshaft that comes with the kit as a Mini Sport CA2(544) item based on the 544 rally cam. A new oil pump was then fitted.

It was now time to fit the engine to the gearbox.

The gearbox was torqued down as per the manual.

The primary gear/clutch housing was then fitted followed by the clutch and new clutch plate the old cover was checked and found to be perfectly OK for use.

The timing chan cover was then fitted but left loose while the crankshaft pulley was fitted and torqued down as per the manual (this took 2 of us). The crank was then turned to centralise the crank oil seal before the timing chain cover was fully tightened.

The clutch housing cover was then fitted which meant that the engine was about ready to be fitted to the car.