Restoration Part 31

Finishing Touches

I decided that a stick on number plate would look good and would be in keeping with the retro styling

For safety some leather bonnet straps were fitted to stop the bonnet flipping open if the catch came undone.


I got designed some British Mini logos based on the British Leyland Logo and got them made up as vinyl stickers.

I also converted the Mini 1000 badge to a Mini 1380

I fitted some seats from a Rover Coupe they are half leather. I had to make up some subframe mounts to adapt the seat fittings to the Mini. I also used the handbrake and gear stick gaiter from the Rover as they were a good fit and matched the leather on the seats.

I bought a set of carpets but decided as I wasn't fitting rear seats that I should carpet the rear as well. I therefore bought a couple of lengths of carpet from my local motor factor and used that instead of the pre-cut carpet set. It took a while to complete but I am very pleased with the result. I also fitted a speaker panel that I bought second hand this too was covered with carpet before it was screwed in place.


The interior is now nearly finished I just need to sort out some door cards, and I say so myself it's looking good both inside and out.

Once the interior is finally finished I will start preparing for the MOT.